Hi there! I am a PhD student at Complexity Science Hub in Vienna and the Department of Network and Data Science (DNDS) of Central European University. Computer Science graduate of RWTH Aachen University and FH Aachen University.

In my research I study how inequalities between a minority and majority group can emerge from local collaboration behavior. My projects center around Gender Inequalities in temporally evolving collaboration networks and associated rank dynamics. All of these projects are made possible with awesome collaborators from the Network Inequality Group lead by Fariba Karimi ✌️

Beyond my research interests, I am very passionate about bouldering, hiking, books and movies. Feel free to drop me a message in case you want to discuss any of my research, or anything else really.

Events & Talks

2023-08-08: Contributed talk at Symposium on Scientific Elites on Gender Disparities in Brokerage of Scientific Collaboration

2023-07-19: Contributed talk at IC2S2’23 on Gender Disparities in Brokerage of Scientific Collaboration

2022-10-17: Contributed talk at CCS’22 on Gender Biases in Temporal Motifs of Scientific Collaboration

2022-05-11: PhD Proposal Defense at the weekly research seminar at DNDS


2023-11-08 DOC-fellowship stipend

Exciting News! I’m honored to share that I’ve been awarded the “DOC” stipend by the Austrian Academy of Sciences, granting me two full years of independent funding. This enables me to pursue my research project titled “Network Inequality and its Effect on the Glass Ceiling Phenomenon.”

2022-05-02 Productivity Puzzle

For the a visualization class at DNDS I studied the disparity between female authorships and active scientists in journals of the American Physical Society (APS).